Friday, February 19, 2010

My feet hurt, but I'm still HAPPY!

So, before I scored a spot in the best rescue group ever, I had a bit of a rough journey. All I remember is being picked up in this big van and at the time I was really sick. I stayed in a shelter where a really nice lady decided I needed a little help to get better and she pulled me out and sent me on my way to recovery. I am so thankful. I guess I had a slow thyroid or something like that. It made me want to sleep all the time. But, my foster mom gives me a little pill wrapped in cheese every morning that makes me feel a little more peppy. I feel soooo much better.

I seemed to have lost my boy parts somewhere (its the weirdest thing! One minute I was in a vet office and the next thing I know I'm waking up.... and they were missing!!!). But, its all good. I can finally get my mind off of marking my territory and also off of all the pretty ladies in town! Its much more relaxing. To all my fellow boy dogs out there who haven't gone through it yet, don't be afriad, trust me, you will finally be able to think straight.

The last little dilemma I am facing is my sore paws. I've heard the Doc say its yeast. I have no idea what yeast is, but I am ready for it to go away! Its all good though, I am still happy as a clam! My foster mom loves it when I smile. It makes her happy too, she told me so. Check out my happy photo above!


  1. you have one of the best smilies ever!

  2. I love your picture, Huck! You are adorable. That yeast stuff is no fun, but you'll be feeling better soon!


  3. Aww, that smile would make anyone happy. It certainly made MY day better. I do hope those poor paws heal quickly.

  4. I'm so happy for you, Huck! Those paws will be feeling better in no time. Now that your foster mommy is treating it, the itchy ouchy feelings will go away fast. Thank you for sharing your days with us. It makes me feel happy to see you feeling better. (Big thanks to foster mommy) =)

  5. I love your big smile! It's good to know that despite everything you're still happy.