Monday, February 15, 2010

It's me, Huck!

Hi there! This is Huckleberry, taking over the key board! My foster mom hasn't written in a little while because she was busy teaching me the alphabet and also how to type. Its pretty exciting to be able to tell you all what its like to be me! In that bottom picture, I was really really happy. I got a new squishy, fluffy, snuggly dog bed AND a new kong AND my own squeaky toy! It was really awesome. The weather was sooooo nice this weekend and I got to go on walks, go to "pit bull education" class, and sunbathe a ton. As you can see, my foster siblings (Sydney and Toby) and I love to curl up together and bake in the sun. My foster mom calls us "sun gods" and sprays this really annoying sunscreen stuff all over us when we sunbathe. I like to roll around a rub my face all over the covers when she puts that stuff on me. It tickles!!!
Well, time to go eat my kibble! I promise to write soon!


  1. What a handsome face; I'm sure you're getting a lot of attention. You're so lucky your foster mom is putting sunscreen on you. I always forget and our pooches have pink noses.

  2. Im glad your foster mom is looking out for that delicate skin

  3. Oh, Huck. You are such a good good boy. Look at you with your other Pibble buddies.<3<3<3 You are the handsomest boy I have seen in a long time, but don't let my Rowdy hear that.