Monday, March 1, 2010

Exciting News!!!!

Well, I've been keeping it a secret, just in case. But, now I am just bursting with excitement!!! Guess what??!!!???? I went to my forever home this weekend!!! I feel like the luckiest dog on the planet! When my foster mom took me to school (pit bull education), we would meet up with these super cool folks. Turns out, they were meeting me and getting to know me! They wanted to know if I would fit in with their special family. I met Dottie, an older short lady dog, and a young human boy. I love giving them both kisses. My foster mom told me to always be on my best behavior around them and thank goodness I listened!! It paid off!!! Now I get to stay with them and love them forever.
You may not hear from me as much anymore because now I am busy with the important responsibility of taking care of my new family. I have a new human brother, who is 2 years old. He is teaching me all about which toys are his, and which are mine. Sometimes he even shares his lunch with me by dropping little pieces on the ground. I feel like the luckiest pit bull on the planet! Yesterday I got a brand new collar, leash and new toys. Oh boy! Life is great! They started calling me Moto Moto, which is a huge compliment. Moto Moto is the character in the movie Madagascar 2. He is a big handsome hippo, a ladies man. I am honored to be named after him. :-)
Thank you all for following my blog! I promise to check in every now and then and let you know all about my new life. Boy do I feel lucky. It's been a whirlwind couple of months. I cannot believe the adventures I took. It was all worth it now that I have found my new family, my forever home.
Bye for now!